1.    S  + VI (intransitive)

– The bird flies.
– She gets up at 6am.
– I am hunting.
– The baby is crying.
– I live in District 11.

2.    S + To be + Adverb

– She is here.
– They are over there.
– I am from Nghe An province.
– He is not in the office.
– My house is next to the bank.

3.    S + Linking Verb + Adj

(linking verb : look, sound, smell, taste, feel, be, seem, get, grow, become, stay, keep, go, run, lie, appear, prove, remain, resemble)

– She looks young.
– He seems friendly.
– The sky becomes cloudy.
– The soup smells good.
– I feel tired.
– I stay alone.

4. S + Linking Verb + Noun

– She is a student.
– I run a business.
– He becomes a manager.
– She seems a Japanese.
–  The man keeps his promise.

5. S + VT (Transitive) + Object

– He plays the guitar.
– She sings an English song.
– He teaches English.
– I watch TV.
– Nam writes a love letter.

6. S + VT(Transitive) + OI (indirect) + OD (Direct)
S + VT(Transitive) + OD (Direct) + To(for) + OI (indirect)

– He sent me a letter.
-> He sent a letter to me.
– The teacher tells him a story.
-> The teacher tells a story to him.
– I gave her roses.
-> I gave roses to her.
– My father bought a house for me.
-> My father bought me a house.
– My boss sent me an email.
-> My boss sent an email to me.

7. S + V + O + Complement

– My father names me Enviet.
– I call her cousin.
– I left the door open.
– You make me shy.



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